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The Splashpad will be closed tomorrow morning (Thursday July 28th) so we can prepare for the Grand Opening of the Splashpark. The Grand Opening begins at 12:00. We invite you to come down and join us for the ceremony and cool off in the Splahpad after the official opening is done.
A great moment for the Town of Sainte-Anne! 
Thanks for your cooperation!



The Town of Sainte-Anne welcomes everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the Splash Park in a safe manner. Tentatively open from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Please see attached rules and regulations.

Please be reminded that all cats and dogs must be on a leash at all times.


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A Friendly Rural Community

With a population of 1626 people, the Town of Sainte-Anne is a friendly rural community with a warm, close feeling among residents.  The Town is proud of its bilingual heritage, and its rich history that dates back almost two centuries.

The Town of Sainte-Anne is covered by prairie land to the west and the beginning of the wooded Canadian Shield to the east.  The picturesque Seine River runs through the municipality and the Town of Sainte-Anne.  The municipality is known as Dawson Trail Country because the historical trail ran through the town of Sainte-Anne on its way to Winnipeg.  Sainte-Anne is largely a service-based community, which offers goods and services to the area at large rather than being a major agriculture centre.  The economy is rooted in health care, education and tourism.

The Sainte-Anne Hospital is a designated bilingual hospital offering a wide range of healthcare services, including obstetrics, surgery and acute in-patient care, 24 hour emergency services, palliative care and a full range of laboratory and radiological services.  There is a cooperative community approach to health by combining the many resources in Sainte-Anne.  The education sector is a major employer since the Seine River School Division office and four schools are all found in Sainte-Anne.  The tourism industry also thrives in the area with the Quarry Oaks Golf & Country Club, Cottonwood Golf and Country Club and Oakwood Golf & Country Club drawing golf enthusiasts to the area.  The Lilac Resort is another tourist destination in addition to the local campgrounds.

Today, the Town of Sainte-Anne continues to serve the surrounding region with its recreational facilities, municipal and health services, and schools.  The education and health sectors are the largest employers in the town.  The Town is also a bedroom community for those commuting to nearby Winnipeg for employment.