Town of Ste Anne

Passé fier, avenir prospère.
Proud Past, Promising Future

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Our Community

History and Heritage

The area of Sainte-Anne was one of the earliest settled areas in Manitoba. The first settlers to the area were from Québec and are reported to have arrived at Pointe-des-Chênes in 1856. The area was selected for its farmland and forest areas. The 198 families that settled into the area tried to make their living through agriculture. In order to supplement that living, the first industry to spring up in the area was that of supplying lumber for the construction of the St. Boniface Cathedral.

In the 1850's a trading post, a hotel, a general store, and even a jail were erected in Sainte-Anne. From 1868 to 1871, the construction of the Dawson Trail linking Fort William with St. Boniface was completed. This permitted the area of Sainte-Anne to further develop with the influx of travelers along this new Canadian highway.

In 1963, the Town of Sainte-Anne was incorporated. By this time the original settlement of Pointe du Bois was no longer the focal point of the community as the settlement had gradually moved north of the Seine River.

The Town of Sainte-Anne today is a thriving community of some 2114 residents. It boasts all of the amenities of comfortable living. Its residents enjoy fine churches, schools, indoor/outdoor recreational facilities, and municipal services. Situated within easy commuting distance of Winnipeg, the Town of Sainte-Anne will undoubtedly continue to be a community that attracts and retains its citizens.

Historic Dates

This is a brief list of historic dates of the Town of Sainte-Anne:

  • 1852-First settlers to establish themselves at Oak Point
  • 1856-Parish of Saint-Alexandre is founded at Oak Point
  • 1857-William Perrault, the first child of Oak Point settlers, is born
  • 1862-The first teacher arrives, Mrs. Jean Baptiste Gauthier, maiden name Rosalie Germain
  • 1867-Blessing of the first chapel, named Saint-Alexandre Chapel Msgr Taché entrusts the parish at Oak Point to Sainte Anne, patron Saint of Breton and Canadians
  • 1868-Construction of the Dawson Trail begins. It is completed in 1871
  • 1872-Construction of the Hudson Bay store
  • 1880-Construction of the first Hotel
  • 1883-Arrival of the Gray Nuns
  • 1884-Arrival of the first doctor, Dr. François-Xavier Demers
  • 1895-The cornerstone for the first church is blessed. Church opens in 1898
  • 1917-Construction of the Redemptorist Monastery begins
  • 1921-Construction of the Piney Bridge
  • 1939-Caisse Populaire of Sainte-Anne founded
  • 1954-Blessing and official opening of the Sainte-Anne Hospital
  • 1959-June 11, 7pm: The worst flood in Sainte-Anne's history. Water rises at a rate visible by eye. The hospital is evacuated. It passes quickly. By morning, all danger is past.
  • 1960-Completion of the Seine River diversion project
  • 1963-Incorporation of the Village of Sainte-Anne
  • 1964-Blessing and official opening of the Villa Youville
  • 1971-Blessing and official opening of the Seine Medical Centre