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Proud Past, Promising Future

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2023 Property Taxes

Property Taxes are due and payable on or before July 31st, 2023. Payment must be received on or before July 31st, 2023. All taxes remaining unpaid subsequent to said date shall be subject to penalties charged at a rate of 1.25% per month commencing the 1st of August, 2023 and on the 1st of each month thereafter, until full payment is received.

The penalties on the Arrears have been calculated to May 1st, 2023 only and are subject to further penalties. Payments received or penalties added on or after May 11th, 2023 are not shown on this tax bill.

Payment options: In-person at the Town Office, payment options include debit, cash or cheque. Select credit cards are now accepted through OptionPay System (with applicable third party fees). To use this feature online, click here, or visit the Town Office in-person. If you are unable to attend our office during business hours, cheques can be dropped off in a dropbox outside at the front entrance of the Town Office. Another method is online banking, which is available only with Credit Unions (i.e. Steinbach Credit Union). To pay online, find our payee name Sainte-Anne, Town (MB) - Property Taxes and use your roll number as your account number. You may need to add additional zeros.

The Town of Ste. Anne also now accepts e-Transfers as a payment option. Payments are to be sent to please include your property tax roll number, address and e-mail address in the comment field in order for our office to process payment.

If you require assistance, please feel free to contact our office at 204-422-5293 or

Education Property Tax Credits and Rebates 2023

The Province of Manitoba will be issuing a rebate cheque to property owners, equal to 50% of the school division special levy, as reflected on your 2023 municipal property tax notice. The Province will be sending out the rebate cheque prior to your property taxes due date. For more information, please visit the Province of Manitoba's website

As a property owner, you could be eligible to save up to $350 for the 2023 property tax year. This credit helps cover school taxes which is directly deducted on your property tax bill or through your income tax return. Application forms for the Education Property Tax Credit (EPTC) can be found here.


 The affective mill rates are as follows: 2023
 Commercial and Other 8.713
 Seine River School Division 12.044
Arena Project (By-Law 12-2004) 0.280
Sewer Upgrade (By-Law 12-2011) 0.115
Fire Rescue Truck (By-Law 16-2014) 0.143
Police Sation (By-Law 7-2015) 0.199
Lagoon Land (By-Law 10-2017) 0.366
Town Municipal Office (By-Law 1-2022) 0.533
 Town Special Services (By-Law 11-2018) 9.478
 Ste. Anne Library 0.218
 General Municipal 3.970
 Scavenging-Residential (one garbage cart, one recycling cart) $274.85
 Sanitary Sewer $142.80


Property Assessement information

Manitoba Assessment Services is responsible for the assessment of all real and personal property in the Province, excluding property in the City of Winnipeg, delivered through 10 District Offices. The City of Winnipeg is responsible for property assessment services in Winnipeg. The District Assessment Office for the Town of Sainte-Anne is located in Steinbach. Their office can be reached at 204-326-9896 or

In Manitoba, property is assessed at market value in accordance with The Municipal Assessment Act. Market value is the most probable selling price of the property had it been sold by a willing seller to a willing buyer. Regular reassessments ensure that property assessments keep pace with real estate market conditions, and taxes are distributed fairly to property owners.

Property in Manitoba is grouped into 10 property classes on the basis of use, and a portion of the assessment is taxed. Property classes and the portion of assessment that is taxed is established by regulation under The Municipal Assessment Act.

To search property assessment information, please use the following links:

The 2023 Final Assessment Roll for the Town of Sainte-Anne is open for in-person inspection by the general public during our regular business hours. For more information regarding the 2023 Reassessment, or general assessment information, please visit

TIPPS Program

The Town of Sainte-Anne offers the TIPPS program. The Tax Instalment Payment Plan Services, or TIPPS, allows property owners to make twelve monthly payments for taxes rather than a single annual payment in July. Upon application, the Town will arrange for payments to be withdrawn from the property owner's bank account. ** This program does not pay towards current outstanding balances. This is a pay in advance program. **

To be eligible to enroll in the plan, one must be the registered owner of a property in the Town of Sainte-Anne, the tax account must have no outstanding balance, and must have banking privileges at a Financial Institution (Bank or Credit Union). Applications will be accepted for enrollment in the 2023-2024 TIPPS Program up to December 1st, 2023 (Please note that 2023 property taxes must be paid prior to August 1st, 2023 to be enrolled in the plan). Any applications received after December 1st, 2023 will be enrolled in the 2024-2025 TIPPS Program cycle. 

For more details, click here to view a informational brochure.

For an application form to enroll in the plan, click here. Applications can be sent by email to